Dino Valley NOW OPEN LegoLand, CA

Ever wondered what it would be like to step back in time, not just to witness the colossal wonders of the dinosaur era but to experience them in a way only the magic of LEGO® can offer? Well, buckle up, fellow adventurers, because LEGOLAND® California Resort's latest marvel, Dino Valley, is here to turn that dream into a roaring reality! As a seasoned Disneyland connoisseur, theme park enthusiast, and, above all, a mom always on the lookout for our next great family adventure, I'm thrilled to whisk you away on an exclusive sneak peek into this prehistoric paradise. Why should Dino Valley be your family's next destination? Let's dive into our unforgettable journey to uncover the answer.

🦖 Dino Valley: A Prehistoric Wonderland Comes to Life

Imagine stepping into a land where dinosaurs roam, not in the shadows of history books, but in the bright, colorful, and tangible form of over 1.8 million LEGO® bricks. That's Dino Valley for you—a prehistoric paradise at the park's entrance, teeming with more than 30 LEGO dinosaur models that promise an unforgettable adventure for the whole family.

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🎢 Thrills for All Ages

Our little explorers were ecstatic, and I have to admit, so was I, as we ventured through Dino Valley's three main attractions:

  • DUPLO® Little Dino Trail: This ride is a dream come true for our youngest adventurers. With a camera in hand, they were on a mission to 'capture' the gentle giants of the past, playing hide & seek with them along the way.

  • Explorer River Quest: Our family embarked on a river expedition that brought us face-to-face with a towering T-Rex, among other incredible LEGO® dinosaur models. It was both thrilling and awe-inspiring!

  • Coastersaurus: This ride has always been a family favorite, but with the addition of Dino Valley, it felt like we were journeying through a brand-new world, surrounded by the majestic creatures of a land before time.

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🛠️ Interactive Fun at Dino Outpost

After the adrenaline-pumping rides, we slowed down at the Dino Outpost. The kids got their hands dirty uncovering fossils in the Dino Dig area, crafted their own LEGO® dinos, and even had a meet-and-greet with two new characters: LEGO T-Rex Guy and LEGO Paleontologist Girl. The creative play and learning opportunities here are simply unmatched.

☕ Exclusive Access for Hotel Guests

One of the perks of staying at the LEGOLAND® Hotel or the LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel (highly recommend for the full experience) is the exclusive morning access to Dino Valley. It's a serene and magical way to start the day before the crowds roll in. And guess who can secure you a hassle-free booking at these hotels? That's right, Get Away Today. Their team ensures you get the best rates and benefits, making your stay extraordinary without extra costs.

🎉 A Celebration of 25 Years of LEGO® Magic

Our visit to Dino Valley was not just an adventure; it was a celebration of 25 years of LEGOLAND® California Resort's commitment to family fun and creativity. With the summer of 2024 promising even more excitement, including North America's first LEGO World Parade, it's the perfect time to plan a visit.

💌 Wrapping It Up

As a busy mama fueled by a love for Disney, adventure, and, let's be real, caffeine, finding a place that excites every member of the family is like striking gold. Dino Valley at LEGOLAND® California Resort does just that. It's a land where imagination meets history, where fun is around every corner, and where family memories are waiting to be made.

And remember, with Get Away Today, planning your trip is as stress-free as enjoying it. They're dedicated to ensuring families like ours can focus on the joy of the journey without worrying about the details. So, to all my fellow adventure-loving families, I say: Dino Valley is a must-visit this spring break or summer. You won't just hear about the wonders of the prehistoric world—you'll live them, one LEGO® brick at a time.

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