REVIEW: Chef's Table Experience at Napa Rose in Disney's Grand Californian

REVIEW: Chef's Table Experience at Napa Rose in Disney's Grand Californian

chef's table dining experience at disneyland Napa rose restaurant

*The following post is from 2020, however, my opinions in it still hold true. I have a more recent article published with SF Gate that has some new content as well as updated pricing.

If you are a self professed "foodie", (regardless if you love Disney or not), the Chefs counter at Napa Rose is an amazing culinary experience.


First off, the seating is VERY limited and reservations can only be made directly with the restaurant. You will need to call Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and ask for the Restaurant *Note: If you call and they are not open yet, you will get the Napa Rose voicemail. Leave a detailed message with your name, number, date and time you'd like to reserve for the Chefs Counter, but make sure you follow back up and speak to someone. These seats book up fast!

Here's the basics:

  1. You can make reservations up to 60 days in advance, (and I would suggest you do so as soon as possible!) There are only 2 time slots offered for this experience each evening: 5:30 pm & 8 pm
  2. If you are celebrating something make sure to mention it! We did this as a celebratory treat on our 10 year wedding anniversary. 10 year button Let the hostess know what you are celebrating!
  3. There are no "bad seats" at the Chef's Counter! I did feel like we had MUCH more interaction sitting at the Dessert prep.
  4. You can order from the standard menu once you're seated, but why would you do that? Do the Chef's tasting menu and be amazed by the creative combinations they bring you, tailored to all your likes and dislikes.
  5. *TIP: Don't be shy! A chef will come over to greet you and discuss what your preferences are. Offer as much info as possible. "I love fish but not shellfish, I hate smokey flavors, etc." My husband is vegetarian and he was amazed at the flavors and plates they designed for him! I usually stick with more pescatarian choices, but I told the chefs I would be willing to try a red meat dish truly worth it. And the braised Ox tail was something of dreams- I have never had better! crochets
  6. Come with a wide open belly, AKA do not eat lunch! Seriously, you will regret it. Don't let the title "tasting" fool you, after course 2 we were both looked at each other and said, "Oh crap, there's 3 more of these coming!"
  7. Prepare for 3 hours of dining. Yes, THREE. and that's not including any time you may sit in the lounge before for a little pre-dinner drink.
  8. Soak it all up! Ask everyone that crosses your path questions, because that's the point of this entire experience & by doing so, you'll get the best out of it!
  9. This chefs tasting menu is 6 courses and priced at $100/person. You can also add their wine pairing to your courses at an additional $45/person. If you're not big wine drinkers, I would suggest just one of you adding this to the meal and asking your waiter to split the pours between the two of you. *Please note that the Napa Rose does not accept any AP discounts for this meal.

Napa Rose Plate

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